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Conspectus is a Norwegian metal band. Since its inception, the aim has been simple; to write the music they want to write.

The debut full length album, «Holocen», will be released on November 16th 2018, after having been in the making since 2014. A total of 45 days were spent in the studio recording the album together with producers Fredrik Ingebrigsten and Chris Clancy. The attention to detail has lead to a record that is more mature, more thought-through than anything the quartet has recorded previously. Although the songwriting is anchored in metal, «Holocen» displays a diversity of melodic and atmospheric vibes, as well as more dynamic and progressive arrangements introducing complex layers. Lyrically, the album takes a reflective approach, touching upon themes like ambivalence, the struggle of balancing ambitions with realistic expectations, and how an artistic rhythm can conflict with the rest of the world, the latter theme being the lyrical base of the song «Battle The Tide (feat. Chris Clancy)», which was released in 2017 and made it to the final round of Musikkprisen.

Conspectus’ first release, the 2014 EP «A Clearer View», received critical acclaim, with P3 Pyro naming the group «one of the most promising bands in Norway» and Scream Magazine writing «the quartet is without a doubt a talented group. Technically they are superior and their groovy approach shows an orchestra with musical insight.»


Vocals, Guitar / Nikolai Svorte
Guitar / Elias Birkeland
Bass / Henning Flisnes
Drums / Markus Svorte


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Thu, NOV 15

Kølbua, Devoldfabrikken

Langevåg, NO


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