Conspectus (formerly Neighbour's Pain) is a metal band hailing from the west coast of Norway. Since 2010 the band has played a large number of shows and grown to become what it is today; a machine focused and driven to pursue music to the fullest. 

The debut EP "A Clearer View" was released on August 29th 2014, and has been featured on sites like and P3 Pyro, who claimed that "Conspectus is one of the new bands in Norway we like the most". The EP's 7 tracks explore different territories of heavy music, as well as more experimental percussion and strings, all attaining a recognizable atmosphere. The sound can be compared to bands like Trivium, Machine Head and Gojira. 

Fredrik Ingebrigsten (Amira) handled production duties on "A Clearer View", with Chris Clancy (Mutiny Within) mixing/mastering. The eye-catching artwork was done by Josh Middleton (Sylosis). Two music videos have been released for the EP: "From Innocence To Guilt" by Johannes Lovund, and "Separated" by the Grammy nominated Nick Hipa (Wovenwar/As I Lay Dying).

A debut full length album is in the works.